A unique yacht for sea lovers

For people who like to relax and have fun, a vacation is something incredible and ideal if you want to see other places. However, there are usually places that people like to visit without thinking about it, one of these places is Balearic Islands.
But among the most visited islands, Ibiza is certainly one of the most visited in the world, not only because of its culture and nightlife, but also because of its coasts, which many seek to enjoy to an exceptional degree with an agency like BarracudaIbiza.
This yacht in Ibiza is known for renting the best boats for tourists, from simple boats to yachts such as the Apreamare Maestro 51, this yacht is one model that is currently known for its comfortable and versatile design in a long list of boats.
The best yacht with a relaxing design
Apreamare Maestro 51 is a yacht with a unique design, as she combines an elegant exterior with a simple interior design and perhaps one could say, hospitality, while at the same time fulfilling these characteristics:
Length: 15.60 m
Width: 4.80 m
Project: $1.40 million.
Cabins: 3, 2 with 2 single berths and main cabin with double berths
Engines: 2 x MAN 750 hp.
Speed: 24 knots
This vessel is known for her elegant exterior design. It is a masterpiece that combines an elegant exterior with a relaxing interior, with lots of fabric furniture and wood trim that matches the white interior.
In addition to everything you need for a good day and an interesting evening, this boat is equipped with a TV, DVD, WiFi, and an assistance system. You can also enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding, and snorkeling gear.
A yacht for partygoers.
With a capacity of 9 people in the morning and 6 in the evening, the Apreamare Maestro 51 is one of the most appreciated yachts because of its stability and speed at sea is envied, however, this yacht is one of the most sought-after by tourists in Ibiza.
Like everything in the tourist resort, the rental price varies, low season has the lowest price of only 2200€, with a slight increase in mid season to 2400€, high season has another slight increase in price to 2600€.
For thousands of people this yacht is the best example of great design and resilience to the taste of all those tourists.

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