SCHENKER Dezanizer

When you go on long voyages, it is always important that your passengers feel comfortable in all aspects, so your boat will be well equipped to provide comfort and reassurance to those on board, if there is something important that should always keep a good ship is the electrical appliances on board.

At you will find the best electrical appliances to help your boat provide very important comfort during the voyage. It is always important that all passengers are comfortable and maintained with good quality products.

On our website we have SCHENKER dezanizer products, we recommend that you never run out of fresh water, also the food reserve is important to maintain it to avoid damage, so we offer a refrigerator and a marine freezer, with this product you can travel in peace, because your food will be in perfect condition.

To keep your boat comfortable, we mention other appliances you should have on board to make travel more enjoyable.

For days when it is very hot, the solution is an air conditioner or a compact set of fans, they are specialized to be placed inside the boat and also maintain a lower temperature during the hot season, you can also get online.

Marine kitchens have other appliances on board such as grill ovens, sliding refrigerators, if your kitchen space is limited, this is your best option. Side doors are also available with capacities ranging from 36 to 130 liters.These products as well as sea refrigerators and ice machines are important for hot days because they keep drinks well chilled so you don’t suffer from the heat. You can find all these appliances for your boat at

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